Project: Psychosocial working conditions in a manufacturing setting: The relationship with employee and organisational health

Peer reviewed and published

This project was submitted on 30/07/2015

Background: The widely adopted Stress Management Standards approach to tackling stress at work utilises a generic questionnaire to identify potentially problematic areas. However, it does not explore whether there is any relationship between reported problems at work and health outcomes.
The Work Organisation Assessment Questionnaire, developed for use in the manufacturing sector, assesses employees’ perceptions of exposure to potential psychosocial hazards at work and estimates the risk of a number of health-related outcomes associated with exposure.

Aims: To examine the relationship between psychosocial working conditions and employee and organisational health within a manufacturing company. Results will inform the design of workplace health promotion interventions and will also represent the baseline data of a cycle of continuous improvement.

Method: 102 employees, from a workforce of 581, completed a survey based on the Work Organisation Assessment Questionnaire. Due to the low response rate (18%), respondent characteristics were compared with company-wide characteristics and no significant difference was identified. Odds ratios were calculated to estimate the risk of impairment to wellbeing, job satisfaction and subjective health associated with exposure to psychosocial hazards at work.

Results: Results indicated that exposure to psychosocial hazards was associated with all three outcome variables. In addition, low job satisfaction is associated with poor subjective health and poor subjective health is associated with poor wellbeing.

Conclusions: Findings are consistent with previous research in this area. This study demonstrates how applied research in this area may be utilised to build the case for the development of workplace initiatives designed to protect and promote health in the occupational health setting.

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