Project: How can working in an offshore environment in the UK affect the health and safety, wellbeing and family life of an offshore worker?

Peer reviewed and published

This project was submitted on 26/04/2015 and peer reviewed by Ivan Williams

From the inception of oil and gas exploration and production within UK territorial waters there has
been many studies carried out with the aim of assessing the impact of working offshore on a person’s health, safety, wellbeing and family life. It has been shown in previous studies that this type of work imposes significant demands on an individual’s health and also on that of their families. This dissertation report was written to clarify if the findings from these studies are still relevant in the modern offshore environment in the UK.
The research carried out for this report showed that there has indeed been a shift in how offshore
personnel believe their work roles impact on their health and safety, wellbeing and family lives from
previous studies. This report aims to justify how this conclusion was reached, and show how the
implementation of current Regulations and Safety Management Systems along with a better
understanding of Human Factors related issues has moved the industry forward substantially in the
last ten years.

Occupational health & wellbeing

Organisation: Glasgow Caledonian University

Law and Business School
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Principal Investigator: David McCabe

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