Project: The relationship between work intensification and health and well-being; A study of site based UK construction managers and supervisors.

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This project was submitted on 24/09/2014


There is a significant gap relating to studies that examine the issue of site based managers and supervisors regarding their health and well-being.


To investigate the relationship between workload intensification and the self-report health and well-being status of the site based managers and supervisors to ascertain the level of increased risk.


A single questionnaire was provided and distributed to 14 contractor organisation with a potential 750 respondents, with a response rate of 14.1% (n = 46 out of a reduced n = 488 of potential respondents). The questionnaire was also promoted on the IOSH construction web-site and through a health and safety consultancy client base and this increased the sample size (n = 46). Total respondents (n = 114). Odds Ratio (OR) calculations were performed to examine the relationship between the variables and health and well-being.


The findings revealed an increased risk to poor health and well-being where workload intensification aspects i.e. unrealistic project programme timescales were being experienced.


The study highlighted further that a significant research programme is needed to explore the full extent of this underlying and potentially damaging problem. This can only be achieved with the full co-operation of the industry stakeholders.

Key words; Construction, managers/supervisors, work intensification, well-being, workload.

Occupational health & wellbeing

Organisation: University of Nottingham


Principal Investigator: Mr Keith Shaw

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