Project: E-waste management in urban and rural areas of Mauritius: Its implications towards safety and health

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This project was submitted on 03/07/2014

Since the past decades, owing to new technologies, there has been a rise in the manufacturing of electric and electronic equipment. This is mainly because either the electric and electronic equipment has a short lifespan or users want to change to new and faster ones. These new technologies are indeed beneficial in improving livelihoods and comfort of many but at the same time are detrimental. This common practice has been and is still adding up to the worldwide rapidly growing dilemma of e-waste. E-waste comprise of electronic devices which are of no use and contain noxious substances which may have adverse effects on the health of living beings and on the environment if not properly managed. Studies have revealed that on a yearly basis, 20 to 25 million tons of e-waste are produced and this also consists of the release of high level of toxins in the atmosphere. This study aims at having a policy for the management of e-waste in Mauritius. Survey questionnaires were distributed among the consumers of electric and electronic appliances from both urban and rural areas of Mauritius. Officers of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands were also interviewed. The results have shown that Mauritians make use of numerous electric and electronic appliances and are unaware of the health and environmental hazards that e-waste pose. Furthermore, most e-waste is either wrongly discarded or users do not know what to do with the e-wastes when they have reached their lifecycle. It was also deduced that Mauritius does not have an appropriate waste management both for the collection and disposal of e-waste. Consequently, it is essential for Mauritius to devise an effective e-waste management system and to carry out proper awareness on related safety, health and environmental impacts.

Emerging technologies, Risk management
Other, Telecommunications

Organisation: University of Technology, Mauritius

La Tour Koenig,
Pointe aux Sables,
Republic of Mauritius

Principal Investigator: Tasleemah Bibi Kinoo

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