Project: What are the causes of assaults and violence to bus drivers, what control measures are currently in place? Can they be improved?

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This project was submitted on 30/01/2014

Substantial questions to which Spencer Lee, Health and safety Manager at London United Busways Limited (LUB) explored as a research project of his MSc in Occupational Safety and Health Management.

Assaults and workplace violence are a significant issue for bus drivers working at LUB. This research project was designed to establish the key factors of causation in this area by analysing data collected following the occurrence of workplace violence to individual staff members. The analysed results showed that the main key factors are fair disputes and disruptive passengers.

The finished report included a literature review on assaults and work related violence to establish whether there has been other written documents that may assist with theories and interventions used elsewhere. The diversity of documentation was limited and few bus related documents were found, however, many documents, predominantly model frameworks in the healthcare industry were available.

In today's LUB, there are many controls in place to manage the hazards and risks of workplace violence. The report describes a mixed bag of success of current measures and interventions. Including the in-house consultative forum of the Assault Working Party as well as physical controls such as CCTV, alarm systems and physical barriers, to which each are discussed in detail to the point of success or failure.

The study concludes that there is still room for substantial improvement, as any violence or assault is deemed unacceptable. Despite significantly reduced number, the fact remains that LUB staff are still being assaulted and therefore work must continue.

The next step is to undertake an in depth doctoral research project in this topic and build a model that can predict the occurrence of workplace violence investigating the lessons learnt and reducing the devastating affects it has on people’s lives. LUB staff has the right to work without fear of assault and violence. This forward thinking project will assist in achieving further reductions and potentially produce another essential tool for the wider field of other transport operators.


Organisation: Middlesex University

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Principal Investigator: Spencer Lee

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