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Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, BrowseAloud will provide the reading support tools you require for free.

What is BrowseAloud?

BrowseAloud is a suite of products that provides reading support on websites. BrowseAloud reads website content out loud, highlighting each word as it is spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice.

Other features include:

  • Dual-Colour Highlighting
  • Talking Translator
  • Secure Site Reading
  • Text Magnification
  • MP3 Maker
  • PDF Reading
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Screen Masking
  • International Languages

Who does BrowseAloud help?

BrowseAloud helps website visitors who require online reading support, and those who simply prefer to listen to information instead of reading it. BrowseAloud is particularly useful for those with print disabilities such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments, and those with English as a second language.

How do I use BrowseAloud on the OSH research community website?

Click on the 'Listen or translate' button that appears within the banner at the top of our website to launch the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar. This toolbar provides instant high quality speech at the touch of a button - no need to download anything.

New features include: MP3 Maker, Text Magnifier, Screen Mask, New ‘Expressive’ Voices (43 voices in total), Improved PDF and Secure Site Reading, Improved Panel and Extended and Scrollable Toolbars.

Using BrowseAloud to read a PDF file

For BrowseAloud to read a PDF file, the PDF has to open within the internet browser window on the OSH research community site. Also, the PDF link that you are clicking on has to end with the prefix '.pdf' for BrowseAloud to pick it up.

When you click on a PDF link on the website, you should get a message saying 'BrowseAloud has detected a PDF download. Would you like BrowseAloud to download and read the document?' Click 'yes' and BrowseAloud will download the PDF so that it can be read.

Support with using BrowseAloud

A range of support services are provided for BrowseAloud, including a breakdown of system requirements and a number of frequently asked questions for website users:

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The Grange, Highfield Drive, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 1NN, UK

t +44 (0)116 257 3100

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