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This project was submitted on 04/06/2015, published on 11/06/2015 by IOSH, and peer reviewed by Ivan Williams

Every year we lose approximately 1200 employees in occupational accidents in Turkey. At least as much again lose their abilities to work again. Thinking the other injured employees and the families of all victims of occupational accidents, it can be easily understood how occupational accidents are heavy physical and psychological burdens on countries’ shoulders. Until today, lots of revisions and improvements made at labour law and regulations. Finally in 2012, Occupational Health and Safety Law has came out. But of course it is known that, the regulations and inspections are not enough to prevent occupational accidents, the main subject is to establish the occupational health and safety culture to the employers and employees. To provide culture establishment, lots of precautions and events predicted in Occupational Health and Safety Law and a large culture change have been occurred since that date.

In this study, the change of the occupational health and safety culture in last five years in Turkey which is a fast developing country, examined. Occupational Health and Safety Law, which published in 2012, brought a requirement to every company to occupy occupational safety specialists and on-site doctors. So there is a shortage of specialists and doctors in this field. In addition to this, there is a movement in this field and almost all the people are aware about the occupational health and safety because of public disclosure platform of TV channels. There are so many new University programmes and lessons in schools about occupational health and safety. As a result of these subjects, an economic rent emerged. In the other side, the government is trying to handle problems with some fundamental solutions. The causes and the results of these events shown from a perspective of an inspector. Also in this study, the inspection system, the economic rent in the occupational health and safety field, the experts’ roles evaluated with a fish farm proposition. In conclusion the situation evaluated and some propositions made for the country, employers and employees.

Occupational health & wellbeing, Working Conditions
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Principal Investigator: Dr Uğur KOÇ

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