Project: Risk perception and risk communication with regard to nanomaterials in the workplace


This project was submitted on 13/08/2014 and published by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Nanotechnology has the potential to lead to the development of a broad range of new materials that are widely portrayed as bringing huge benefits to society, from novel medicines that effectively target the site of disease or infection to techniques for bringing clean water to underdeveloped societies and combating global warming. The reality of this type of hyperbole is debated, with 'misguided promises that nanotechnology can fix everything' given as one factor that may result in a backlash against this new technology (3i, 2002). However, many believe that nanotechnologies have the potential to:
 deliver improvements for consumers;
 help to sustain continued recovery and growth in the manufacturing industry; and
 contribute to the effort to tackle global challenges (e.g. Beddington, 2010; Look et al., 2010; UK Government, 2010).

Emerging technologies, Other
Agriculture, Aviation and Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Education, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure, Environmental and Waste management, Finance, Fire, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Local Authorities, Manufacturing, Media, Nuclear, Offices, Offshore, Other, Public Sector, Quarrying / Mining, Railway, Retail, Telecommunications, Transport

Organisation: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

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Principal Investigator: See below

Other Researchers: Rosemary Gibson (task leader), Health and Safety Laboratory - HSL, United Kingdom. Nicola Stacey, Health and Safety Laboratory - HSL, United Kingdom. Eric Drais, Institut national de recherche et de sécurité - INRS, France. Håkan Wallin, National Research Centre for the Working Environment - NRCWE, Denmark. Wojciech Zatorski, Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy - CIOP-PIB (Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute), Poland

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