Project: The ocular radiation hazard for health care practitioners involving radiation exposure and the solutions for reducing this hazard. HK


This project was submitted on 17/02/2014, published on 01/09/2006

The initiation of the current study is based on a conference abstract in 2004 which reported an increased prevalence of radiation crystalline lens damage among interventional radiologists (Haskal, 2004). The suggested reason could be due to an unusually close proximity to the fluoroscope during their routine procedures. Malignant neoplasms and heart diseases are the two leading causes of death in Hong Kong (Hospital Authority, 2003). Apart from surgical treatment, radiotherapy is a common treatment modality available for malignant neoplasms (Lee, 1997). Cardiologists also conduct procedures involving radiation, for example, coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty and coronary stenting (Yu et al., 2000; Rotter et al., 2003). Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for cerebrovascular lesions all may involve radiation hazard (Delichas et al., 2003; Ting et al., 2003). It has been documented that the effect of radiation on the human crystalline lens is dose-dependent (Britten et al., 1966; Valentin, 2000). Apart from crystalline lens damage, dry eye syndrome could be another radiation related ocular problem (Liao, et al., 2002). A recent animal study reported transient damage on corneal epithelium and endothelium after the influence of ionizing radiation (Kiuchi et al., 2004). There are recommendations for patients to have fewer radiation exposure undergoing some invasive procedures (Kuon et al., 2003). On the contrary, practitioners may not aware of the radiation hazard (Lee et al., 2004). There has been no study on the prevalence of cataracts and other ocular damage potentially from this radiation hazard. There has been no study on the radiation hazard in their workplace.


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