Project: Evaluating Safety promotion campaigns in HK


This project was submitted on 18/02/2014, published on 01/04/2003

Occupational safety promotion aims to promote, develop and maintain safety and health awareness in the workplace. A range of coordinated efforts by individuals, organizations and communities are needed to achieve this ultimate goal.
The Occupational Safety and Health Council (the Council) is a statutory body, established in 1988, charged with the mission to promote occupational safety and health standards in Hong Kong. One of the Council’s priorities is to promote awareness of work safety among members of organizations as well as the wider community. Promotional activity takes the form of public events, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Week, the Green Cross Day, the Good Housekeeping Day and the Open Seminar. Mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations serve as effective channels for the dissemination of information.
Safety promotion is one of the 14 key processes elements in a safety management system specified in the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation passed on 24 November 1999. This compels management of organizations to recognize that, when sound hazard management practices exist in all operational phrases, safety promotion can play an important contributory role in improving workplace safety. Moreover, by being delivered through a wide variety of activities, safety promotion demonstrated the commitment of management to safety at work, and to enhancing or reinforcing safety awareness in the workplace. In the long run, safety promotion helps develop a safety culture throughout an organization at all levels.
The Council thus believed that the right time had come to conduct a survey to evaluate safety-promotion campaigns in Hong Kong. The results of the survey will serve as a baseline data and benchmark measurement for further study of safety promotion. The findings of the survey will assist the Council in formulating its safety promotion strategic plan to achieve better results and meet the needs of the community.

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