Project: A Survey of Safety Culture in Hong Kong Construction Industry


This project was submitted on 06/02/2014, published on 01/01/2001

Construction industry is one of the hazardous trades in Hong Kong as far as work safety is concerned. After years of development in safety technology and safety management system in the industry, many organizations come to recognize that safety cultures have to be addressed if high standards of health and safety are to be maintained. Therefore, the Occupational Safety and Health Council of Hong Kong decided to carry out a study to measure the safety culture in the construction industry.
The objectives of the study are to examine people’s values, attitude, perception, competencies, and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and effectiveness of health and safety management in the construction industry based on a questionnaires survey and a software developed by the Health & Safety Executive in the United Kingdom.
A questionnaire consists of 71 statements was designed to seek the views of managers, supervisors and front line workers on key aspects of the safety culture. Each of the discrete groups was also classified according to their role as the principal contractor or sub-contractor so that the results can be compared. A random sample of 14 sites was visited with a total of 641 people being surveyed.
The results show that senior management generally gave positive responses in the factors evaluated; supervisor level somewhat had less positive responses. Among the three discrete groups, there were relatively high degree of contradictory responses to health and safety in the workforce level. The overall opinions and comments from the three levels of staff regarding safety culture were quite different, except on risk taking behaviour and peer group influence. Most of respondents reckoned staff often took risk when they were at work and workmates were often influenced by these behaviours.
The study also shows that safety culture of organization can be explored by questionnaire survey. Safety culture measures can provide us information on the previously immeasurable elements of the safety system, specifically human factors in an understandable and structured manner. The findings give valuable information to construction management and safety practitioners in the direction of cultivating safety culture in the industry.

Human factors & behavioural safety

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