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Globalisaton and its consequences for...


Cardiff University
Professor David Walters

This project, co-funded with the International Transport Workers’ Federation, will provide a detailed study of health and safety management and workers’ OSH experiences in the globalised logistics of supply. The objectives of this study include:

What are the specific strategies for addressing health and safety management in container terminals and how effective are they?

What are dockworkers’ OSH experiences working under these strategies?

The role of health problems and medication in...


Southampton University
Professor Keith Palmer, Dr Clare Harris, Dr Cathy Linaker and Professor David Coggon

This project will carry out a detailed analysis on the relationship between health problems and risk of accidental injury at work. Using the General Practice Research Database, the study will explore the association of accidental injury with illness and prescribed medication. If found the associations will be characterised and risks assessed in terms of different time windows of exposure prior to injury. Any attributable proportion of injuries will also be assessed.

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