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Longitudinal study of the effects of...

Completed but not published

University of Monaco
Dr David Ansiau, Dr Jean-Claude Marquié , Dr Philip Tucker , Professor Simon Folkard

The goal of the study was 1) to provide new knowledge on the long-term effects of abnormal work schedules on (i) perceived sleep quality, (ii) quality of life, (iii) metabolic dysfunctions, and (iv) cognitive health, 2) thus to contribute to the updating of a model of the effects of abnormal work schedules on health and safety, and 3) to contribute to the updating of practical recommendations.

Data were taken from the VISAT study (Marquié et al., 2002). The initial sample was composed of 3232 present and former wage earners of both genders and aged from 32 to 62 years in 1996 (t1, first data collection). Two follow-ups took place in 2001 (t2) and 2006 (t3).

OSH assessments during the process of...


Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA)
Dr Peter Nickel

The German network of waterways of some 7400 km with about 450 lock sites requires continuous attention and activities while ensuring high level of operational availability and occupational safety and health (OSH). With consideration of best practice standards for river locks of the future it should be possible to improve the quality of the network, to draw upon spare capacity for increasing freight transport volumes and to reduce costs across the life cycle. Standardisation in river lock design has been established referring to several lock components (e.g., gates, inspection safety closings, bollards). A project has been launched to strengthen the impact of OSH in the standardisation of river locks in their future contexts of use; referring to European Directives on machinery safety and on safety and health of workers at work.

How social identity theory can help you...


iosh KD 2014.pdf
Positive Measures Partnership
Mr K Duignan
British Psychological Society Division of Occ Psychology

Report of a naturalistic experiment during a presentation to a senior management group about an ergonomic assessment of risks to operatives in a factory (n=200) making industrial and marine pumps. Social identity theory is used to formulate, test and discuss four hypotheses

OSH knowledge and its management


The Institute of Occupational Medicine
Dr Joanne Crawford, Emma Doust, Alice Davis, Hilary Cowie, Peter Ritchie, Shahzad Rashid and Ken Dixon

This project involves mapping the OSH landscape in the UK and identifying relevant routes for knowledge transfer. The study will include prospective and retrospective case studies of companies going through OSH change and explore how knowledge is disseminated within the company and the effectiveness of such transfers.

The changing landscape of OSH regulation...


University of Nottingham
Dr Stavroula Leka, Professor Gerard Zwersloot, Aditya Jain, David Hollis and Nicholas Andreou

This project seeks to map the changing landscape of OSH regulation in the UK with a view to identify how the right balance between public and private initiatives can be achieved at the policy and practice levels. The study includes an investigation into the sources of authority in the changing OSH landscape or ‘risk landscape’ in the UK and whether the different actors involved are granted space to devise locally relevant strategies for achieving OSH goals.

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
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