Project: Longitudinal study of the effects of shift work on health: analyses of VISAT (ageing; health and work) data

Completed but not published

This project was submitted on 23/01/2014

The goal of the study was 1) to provide new knowledge on the long-term effects of abnormal work schedules on (i) perceived sleep quality, (ii) quality of life, (iii) metabolic dysfunctions, and (iv) cognitive health, 2) thus to contribute to the updating of a model of the effects of abnormal work schedules on health and safety, and 3) to contribute to the updating of practical recommendations.

Data were taken from the VISAT study (Marquié et al., 2002). The initial sample was composed of 3232 present and former wage earners of both genders and aged from 32 to 62 years in 1996 (t1, first data collection). Two follow-ups took place in 2001 (t2) and 2006 (t3).

Ageing, Occupational health & wellbeing, Shift work
Agriculture, Aviation and Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Education, Engineering, Entertainment and Leisure, Environmental and Waste management, Finance, Fire, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Local Authorities, Manufacturing, Media, Nuclear, Offices, Offshore, Other, Public Sector, Quarrying / Mining, Railway, Retail, Telecommunications, Transport

Organisation: University of Monaco

2 avenue Albert II,
MC 98000,
+377 97 98 69 86

Principal Investigator: Dr David Ansiau

Other Researchers: Dr Jean-Claude Marquié , Dr Philip Tucker , Professor Simon Folkard

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